Teletherapy Services

Online Therapy sessions to adults experiencing emotional struggles related to stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, depression, substance misuse, difficulty with relationships, loneliness, self-esteem, and adjustment to major life transitions.

Change Your Life

Benefits of Psychotherapy

1. Improvement in interpersonal relationships

2. Overcome the pain of past experiences and develop strategies to deal with future situations.

3. Installation of hope and self-confidence

4. Clarify and have a better understanding of emotions and yourself.

5. Promote autonomy and personal growth

About me

Luz (Luchy) Gómez-Casseres, LCSW

I am grateful you are visiting this site and hope I can help you find the support you are looking for – whether it is for you or someone you love. I offer Telehealth psychotherapy services via a secure HIPPA compliant platform. I believe in psychotherapy and the benefits of having a safe and trusting interpersonal connection where we can explore and talk about the ups and downs life brings. One of the reasons I chose this profession is the desire to help people alleviate the emotional pain they experience. Whether the pain is related to emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, substance misuse, low-self esteem, or struggles with relationships, I want to help, and I am here to help you– it is my commitment to you!