How does excessive use of social media affect us?

As you are reading this, a WhatsApp notification might pop up on your screen. A few minutes later, someone could post a photo on Instagram that you want to see. It’s also possible, that you share a great message

Types of depression and their treatments

Currently, efforts are being made to talk about depression and abandon the taboo idea of ​​it. It is important to understand that you can suffer from a type of depression and not know it, but timely treatment can

The benefits of going to psychotherapy

Today, faced with the negative situations of the world, we are in a challenge to treat mental health like never before. The data confirm that nearly one billion people around the planet live with some form of mental disorder. Even so, talking about

Why is it important to manage frustration

Have you felt sadness, anger or helplessness after an unexpected situation? A job layoff? A love breakup? Unrealized plans? A letter that didn’t arrive? Devastating news? Sometimes we believe that everything we want in life we ​​can get. The

How Does Psychotherapy Help Manage Anxiety?

Having a good mental health is important and essential. The World Health Organization (WHO) says, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of diseases or illnesses.” However, in the face